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Sod Installation

Boost Curb Appeal With Your Local Sod Installers

A lush lawn enhances your home’s beauty and curb appeal, creating a welcoming space for lasting memories. In Greenville, SC, people widely recognize the value

cliffs of glassy sod pros sod installation is what they do
Sod Installation

Sod Installation… It Is What We Do

Every business should have a primary focus. Ours states it in our name. SodPros Landscaping is focused on sod installation services throughout the upstate. It is our

upgraded and elevated sod installation
Sod Installation

Greenville Sod Installation

SodPros’s team was ready for the challenge when our client requested a full turf overhaul of their front yard. A Greenville Sod Installation if you will. Our

Sod Installation

Installing Sod During Winter: The Benefits

Have you purchased a new home and are thinking about installing sod, now is the perfect time to get started. Although it may seem counterintuitive