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Fall and Winter Sod Installation

SodPros installing sod and irrigation in the fall before winter freeze

We are often asked if fall and winter sod installation is a good time. Truthfully it is a fantastic time for a number of reasons.

Preparing the earth and laying sod in the fall and winter is ideal. One reason is because of the cooler temperatures can trigger and increase blade and root growth. This means faster rooting, which means the sod will start gathering the very important nutrients and water faster. In addition to the cooler temperatures, we can typically expect more rain. With more rain you will be in a position to dial down the sprinkler system and find a pretty significant cost savings here in the Greenville, Simpsonville and Spartanburg area. The cooler fall temperatures help reduce sod from drying out.

Fall and Winter Sod Installation – Click to See!

Pool Builds – Some of those springtime home improvement projects, like the pool build, took longer than expected and you are now just getting to the time and place that you can get the yard cleaned up and back in shape.

Now is the time to be planning forward for the fall and winter sod installation. Simply request a no cost onsite evaluation and proposal through our online connect form. You can also connect with us through your favorite social media platform. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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