Greenville Sod Installation | Downtown Facelift

Downtown Greenville, SC sod installation and needles

Recently SodPros was chosen for a Sod Installation Greenville project to elevate an elegant downtown Greenville home. One of the nicest things you can do to increase curb appeal is refresh and elevate the front yard.

The team at SodPros, known for next level soil prep, started the two day project by first removing all the dead grass, weeds, and rocks. Testing of the soil was done before tilling and prepping the dirt with our customized blend of soil steroids. Our process is unique, because we look to learn what the soil deficiencies are. Then we properly blend your customized enhanced soil nutrients. Much like your body needs vitamins, such is the case for your yard.

We also learn about how you might plan to use your yard. Do you entertain or is it more for show? Is there a lot of sun, or more shade? There are several questions we have to help discover what sod installation would be best for you, your family and your yard.

Sod Installation Greenville

Once the decision is made for the type of sod, between Bermuda, Zoysia or Fescue (and there are others) we will get started. For this downtown Greenville project, we suggested and our client selected Zeon Zoysia. This selection was on purpose because of the mixture of both sun and shade on the property. Those taller trees will impact how much sun gets through to the grass.

Soil Tested , Soil Prepped … Time for the pros at SodPros to do some sod installation. Check out the pictures. Check out our client testimonials and 5 Star Reviews. Then call the pros. SodPros to install your sod.