Greenville Sod Installation

upgraded and elevated sod installation

SodPros’s team was ready for the challenge when our client requested a full turf overhaul of their front yard. A Greenville Sod Installation if you will. Our experienced professionals wasted no time as they took out all previous centipede lawn and started from scratch! We got to work on regrading, soil analysis, and adding in some special SodPro ‘soil steroids’ that made it sod-ready. 37,000 square feet later -Zenith Zoysia turf had been installed with flawless execution by our pros within just four days—proving once again why we are the Upstates top choice for quality sod installation.

Delivered and installed, promptly & professionally!

Upgraded and Elevated is how the neighbors described this Greenville Sod Installation project. Who is next?

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