Greer Sod Installer | 8 Hour Front Yard Transformation

The SodPros Team, aka The Greer Sod Installer, had the pleasure of transforming a front yard in Greer, South Carolina. Depleted soil and dying grass was transformed to a lush and inviting front yard lawn. Moving like a well oiled machine, the project was completed in 8 hours with remarkable results!

This project required removing the existing turf and weeds. This is a time consuming process, but it is essential to achieve results that a pro gives. After getting rid of any unwanted vegetation, with the Harley Rake. We then dialed things in by hand-raking the soil level, removing bigger and some of the smaller rocks. Hand-raking helps create an even surface for new sod so that it can be installed as smoothly as possible.

Next step, we added our SodPros Soil Steroids which contain slow release nitrogen fertilizer that helps give your grass an extra boost! This gives your grass all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vibrant throughout its life cycle.

Finally, we installed Fescue sod in just under 8 hours! This type of grass is highly recommended due to its drought tolerance and ability to thrive even without full sun exposure. We chose Fescue because this particular property has a lot of shade, making it more difficult for other types of grasses to survive without constant maintenance.

We work with you in selecting the right type of grass for your lawn and how you plan to use the yard.

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