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Installing Sod During Winter: The Benefits

Have you purchased a new home and are thinking about installing sod, now is the perfect time to get started. Although it may seem counterintuitive to install sod during the winter months, there are actually several benefits to doing so. Let’s take a closer look at why installing sod during the winter can be beneficial. Click to See!

One of the biggest benefits of installing sod during winter is that it typically takes less time than it does during warmer months. That’s because soil temperatures tend to remain more consistent throughout the colder months. This means our installers don’t have to wait around for soil conditions to improve before they can begin work. This means they can work more quickly and efficiently and get your new lawn up and running sooner than if you waited until spring or summer.

Installing sod during winter has several advantages over waiting until warm weather arrives. Here in the Greenville, Simpsonville and Spartanburg markets there is a great opportunity to save on your water bill. As long as we enjoy some regular rain events that will give your new sod time to root well.

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