Sod Installation for New Construction

sod installation, irrigation and mulch on new construction property

We are often asked if we do Sod Installation for new construction…Heck yeah! That is the best time to use SodPros Landscaping, right at the end of construction.

Check out this project we finished last week, working with the homeowner we also helped them out by pouring a concrete pad for the new patio set that is being shipped in.

Of course we started with a soil sample so we could get a good read on the soil nutrients. Then we give the soil a shot in the arm with our SodPros Soil Steroids (we need to copyright that). Once the soil is right, we brake out the Harley Rake and get everything in balance. Then we release the team to let the sod roll.

The landscape and sod installation for new construction is often one of the last items to be considered at the end of the build. But know that it is not the time hold back on the budget and just throw straw. Your yard will be the very first impression. Speak with your builder and invite SodPros Landscaping to the party, we can almost always find a way to make things happen.

Homeowners and builders can reach us directly through our online website form, any of our social media or the good ‘ole phone at 864. 680.3562.