Sod Installation for the Spring Time

sod installation in the spring time in greenville, sc

The time and conditions for Spring Time Sod Installation are ideal. However, the unique approach of soil preparation plays a role in the success of every sod installation here in the Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Cooler afternoons afford the the opportunity for the sod roots to marry with the unique blend of SodPros Soil Steroids.

Sod Installation
  • Harley Raked – One of the first steps to success is the ground prep. The red clay needs to be pulverized and machine groomed to break up the hard rocky beds.
  • Hand Raked – We do not stop with the machine grooming, then comes the fine hard work that can only be done by hand. We remove the remaining weeds, grass and oversized rocks so the soil is ripe to receive the needed nutrients.
  • SodPros Soil Steroids
    • Our unique blend cannot be found in the big box or feed stores in Simpsonville or Boiling Springs. Blended for your yard, after a soil sample and review, we custom blend lime, root builder and fertilizer that leads to what we call Happy Soil. Trust us when we say, you will not find this anywhere else.

We consider ourselves the perfect partners for getting your yard ready. Please contact us to get a free estimate on your project!

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