Sod Installation Simpsonville

Sod Installation in Simpsonville, SC by Sod Pros

Why wait for grass?

Sometimes it’s okay to be impatient and with your grass that is the case. Why wait for grass seeds to sprout when Sod Pros can give you the grass you’ve been dreaming of today?

Sod installation makes it possible to boost the curb appeal of your property. Here are a few items to consider when considering sod installation and the benefits of sod.

Fresh Sod

Sod Pros uses fresh cut sod that will quickly take root and thrive, giving you the best results.


No need to guess how much sod you will need for your Simpsonville sod installation. Sod Pros will visit your Simpsonville home and measure the area for your new sod installation.

Site Preparation

There is thought and preparation that comes when preparing the site for sod installation. The first step is to remove the weed growth and collecting any other form of debris from the soil. Depending on the property a layer of topsoil may be recommended. This recommendation will be made based off your current soil and the grade of the property. The goal is creating the most optimal growing environment for your new sod installation.

Leveling the Site

Lastly, we will level out the area where the sod will be placed. Simpsonville sod installation, Sod Pros will then roll the sod and cut it to fit around any walkways or decorative features. After the sod is laid down, we water the area to encourage root growth.

Professional Sod Installation Simpsonville

Sod Pros is here to walk you through the steps of caring for your new lawn. If you have any questions about the sod installation Simpsonville process or you want to take your next step in adding sod to your property, reach out to Sod Pros today. You can reach us online or by calling 864-680-3562.